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We’re a small, woman owned company located in Napa Valley in Northern California.

What’s important to us is keeping our products pure, simple and effective. In addition to our amazing botanicals, we supercharge our products with Full Spectrum CBD.

Why? Because science and customers say it’s a natural ingredient that’s effective for calming skin, helping to heal skin disorders and soothing inflammation. Skincare should be part beauty and part medicinal and this is what you get with Sol Therepe CBD Beauty. CBD is the non-psychoactive darling of the cannabis industry which helps take Sol Therepe Beauty to the next level.

We produce in small batches to maintain strict quality control and quite frankly we love the apothecary style in which do things. Every product smells amazing, ingredients shine through, thoughtfully designed packaging, and luxurious textures. Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we sought out to create products with familiar ingredients you trust.

We created multi-purpose skincare that is part of the revolution of clean beauty.