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Self Care Is not an expense. It’s an investment.

The term “self-care” certainly is trendy these days. For so long, I was convinced this meant spa days, weekend getaways, retail therapy, as well as anything else of the “treat yo self” variety. The dictionary describes self-care as caring for ourselves. I say it means giving ourselves the same grace, compassion, and nurturing that we give others. I know many of us were taught otherwise but self-care is shining on a whole new level in 2020. It helps us to recharge and refuel so we can be there for others. Check out some points and benefits of self-care
-we are recognizing the relationship we have with self.
-we are doing an actual “check in” on ourselves.
-allows us to listen and hear ourselves to know what we really need.
-we get to love on ourselves.
Finally something that resonates with everyone! Time to take your power back. Time for some self-care.
Let’s Indulge!